Author: Felicha Bogroff
Published: 10/29/2009
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Interview with Sky Saxon of The Seeds
A Psychedelic Icon-August 20, 1937 – June 25, 2009

“Sky Sunlight Saxon
Sunlight Arelich Aquarian
passed over to be with YaHoWha
6/25/2009 at 9:10am.
Sabrina Saxon and spiritual brother
in YaHoWha Joshua Aquarian
were at his side.
He passed peacefully
and with no pain.” (

He represented a decade of Peace and understanding; a founding father of psychedelic rock.
The 1960’s captured the spirit of singer Sky Saxon of The Seeds. 1966 released the hit “Pushing too Hard,”
a psychedelic dream of color and imagination. It marked the beginning of wonder and exploration.

Sky Saxon (singer) is absolutely an icon to me. I had a chance to ask him some personal questions
about his views on Peace a couple months before his passing on June 25, 2009.

Felicha: As a Psychedelic Rock pioneer in the 1960’s, how did you find ways to project
Peace through your music with the taste of hate and war in the air?

Sky: For one thing, I didn’t involve myself with hate and war. I involved myself with music. The Seeds Flower Power in 1965 was also the birth of one of the greatest psychedelic rock songs of all time — EVIL HOODOO — It was done simply but real. I promote peace and love because that is my destiny on earth to be a pioneer and promoter of peace. This will always be respected by those of higher consciousness. But I think I’ve promoted it the most by giving a firm okay to marijuana – pot – grass … but its real name is sacred herb … imagination . intution . inspiration … If the whole world was smoking today everyone would be thinking of peace and love and, of course, forgiveness. So you might say every time I take a toke, I’m promoting peace for the earth. Thank you. Hello.

Felicha: Do you think the concept of Peace has less significance on the new generations then those of 40 years ago? Or is it still strong?

Sky: It has always been strong ever since the beginning of time, people have wanted peace and people have wanted war. Warmongers – bringers of war – probably come back as flies. Check it out in ancient books. The people of 40 years ago of course in my head were more of the spiritual warrior type – today’s generation has been lost in insanity in video games of terrible mayhem so sick that you wouldn’t want your newborn or children to see them. But I believe in a new generation as they are the true hope they are more like the generation of 40 years ago. They have it in their dna. They are true warriors of light but to be a warrior of light your only weapons of war as always are pity, kindness and tenderness. I like what Mr. T says when he says, “i pity the fool” …. so you see in all situations if you use pity, kindness, and tenderness they will reign supreme and will be the best solution in the end.

Felicha: What is your Peace? How to do you achieve it?

Sky: My peace is the same as should be for everybody walking on the planet, Mother Goddess Earth. Love the animals. Don’t eat them. Peace comes from within. If you don’t eat meat and don’t become part of the butchery, you will find peace within and will be able to express love and that is how you achieve it by not eating meat. Fish is a transition. But remember nuts are the first food line. Eighteen almonds is the same protein as a 2lb. steak which will only rot and bring worms into your stomach.

Felicha: Was there ever any conflicts of Peace between your audience or band members? If so, how was it resolved?

Sky: I always remember my band as being peaceful and bringing peace and when I started flashing my peace symbol in ‘65 and people flashed it back to me, I felt that something new was being born – a way to communicate with each other – giving the peace sign. However, now I prefer to use also the first finger, the 2nd finger, and the 3rd finger adding the 3rd finger to the first two fingers of the peace symbol brings the symbol fire, water, air … the name Father God Yahowha. Peace comes from within but it also comes with consciousness and wisdom. I would say now before conflict, flash the peace symbol and then add the 3rd finger for the 2nd flashing – maybe those that understood the name of Yahowha will become more family to each other.

Felicha: How do you state your expressions for Peace?

Sky: Of course, first, with my music and by not praising war in any form of any kind … it is impossible to “fight” for peace – the moment you fight, peace is lost. By my very acknowledgement that vegetarianism is a way of life. I usually express it to people around me within the first 5 minutes. It is sort of like saving the dead or lifting the dead into a new resurrection. It is truly lifting the dead when someone stops eating father’s animals. There will never be peace on the earth as long as people eat meat and don’t know the name of God Yahowha. So each of us in our own way is responsible.

Felicha: Is there one memory of Peace that sticks out?

Sky: Once in Chicago – I think 1967 – some fan that Lord Tim had thrown out of the concert jumped up in the airport before we got to the ticket counter and threw a gun up in Lord Tim’s midsection and was going to shoot him … really … Immediately I jumped in front of the gunman’s gun and told him to “just cool it” – that it wasn’t worth shooting him – and that he should get over it. But had I not believed in peace it could have ended up much different … As it was, the guy got a free ride – he got to walk – no police called – no nothing – he got to go free – it was so quiet that not many people even noticed it and if they did they probably thought it was just a movie.

Felicha: Does everyone have an innate desire to seek and experience Peace?

Sky: Everyone has at birth the need for peace and to find peace but the system takes the peace and locks people up so when you take freedom from people you also take their peace. We need to be just like the words in Pushin’ Too Hard say … “I just want to have fun. Live my life like it’s just begun.” But to do this, we must be harmless in word and deed but we also all need to be free. I believe all the animals should be free also and man needs to realize the word “dominion” did not mean to lord it over the animals but to help them and take care of them and of course never eat them. That is the biggest no-no I know for that brings everything – all the hatred – all the plagues – all the sicknesses on the earth. The earth, by the way, is to God known as Red Star for it is the planet of learning. Yahowha put us here on earth to learn on the Red Star.

Felicha: Where is Peace found?

Sky: Peace is found in the eyes of all the animals. If you look into the eyes of the animals, you will see peace. Find peace within your own eyes. See if you can stare at the mirror for a long period of time without blinking. Steady blinking is a sign of being off-balanced. Have the gaze of the eagle – unflinching.

Felicha: What kind of “random acts of Peace” do you give people?

Sky: I always give homeless people money but I like to put it in their hands when they are sleeping so they don’t see me. I give acts of peace by feeding pigeons and stray dogs. In Greece, I carried a bag of food with me most of the time to feed dogs. Feeding stray dogs is great. You make new friends and feeding birds is like bringing peace to the air. Birds like to eat too.

Felicha: Give us some words of advice.

Sky: Get down on your knees and thank God YaHoWha that you are alive for another day for no one knows when the last breath is coming. My dear friend, Dewey Martin, just passed away and that breaks my heart. Most of the Jimi Hendrix Band is gone now and that breaks my heart. But if you want to live long and be welcomed by God, the Great Spirit Yahowha, then stop today eating his animals and be glad that you have seen the light for in seeing the light and not eating animals the light will enter you. You will become part of the great light, a hundred times brighter than the sun at noonday … You will become part of I AM Yahowha and will truly be welcomed when you go back to Father. That is why it is most important to not fill your temple with dead animals which only makes worms and maggots. Go back to the nuts and fruit and grain and vegetables.

February 18, 2009
Peace to you Saxon

-Felicha Bogroff
Los Angeles, Ca

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