"I've been thinking about the Phoenix rising from the ashes - ashes to ashes ...
when you are cremated you become ashes -
you have to have the power to rise from the ashes to go to God."

"Well, I think you could retire when you die.
I don't, however, believe in death, so I guess I will retire when I leave my body,
but I plan to continue writing and performing in Heaven."

Someone told me earlier that we (The Seeds) were ahead of our time and I think we really were.
And I think that maybe I wrote all those songs or channeled them back then
so they could be used now as some kind of ammunition,
you know like ... Bush is getting 3000 new warplanes,
I don't know what he's gonna do with them, bomb the earth?
Well, I hope not, but what I think is that ...
if he's building 3000 warplanes, then I'm just gonna write 3000 songs."

“We were borne from a dream in 1965. Everybody said we looked ’seedy’
– we actually looked garage – and for that reason we adopted the name, The Seeds.
The lineup was put together magically through a lot of prayer.
It was, you might say, predestined to bring flower power to the earth,
for we needed change and we needed it bad.”

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