We are so very grateful to the many artists who have contributed a cover of one of Sky's songs to this album. We are just overjoyed that this album has taken on a life of its own, it seems. This tribute album will be a retrospective of Sky's entire career; not just his Seeds career, so you will be hearing covers of songs from his Little Richie Marsh days through his later albums and some unreleased songs as well.

To your left is just a sample of what is in store on this album. Here are The Electric Prunes covering Pushin' Too Hard with an amazing video by Marc Rubenstein of Pig Light Show!

R.I.P. Mark Tulin of The Electric Prunes who passed away February 26, 2011. :-(
Titles considered so far for the album: Reach For The Sky! or Sky's the Limit! or Sunlight in the Sky! or Sowing Seeds of Sky!

Sky Sunlight Saxon, I believe, is one of the most prolific artists of all time. As we release more and more of his music, you will come to believe this as well.

This album's profits will go toward two resting places for Sky's ashes. First and foremost, I (or someone I appoint) will fly to Hawaii and meet with Sky's spiritual family and scatter his ashes in the area where his spiritual father's ashes are spread. For those of you who do not know Sky was very deeply involved with his spiritual Family (The Source Family), and Father Yod was the spiritual father of that family. Father Yod died in a hang gliding accident in 1975 but Sky was a devoted spiritual son of his. Many of you who may have seen Sky in concert will remember Sky talking about YaHoWha ... this is from his spiritual family teachings. If you are interested to know more about the Source Family please visit their website at .... For Sky's ashes to be scattered in the very area where Father Yod's ashes were scattered is first and foremost, Sky's wishes.
Secondly, due to requests from fans for a place they can visit and show their respects, we will purchase a space in the Hollywood Forever Cemetary.
If we indeed make enough to pay for these two resting places, any profits over that will go to a wolf sanctuary. I am still looking at various wolf sanctuaries to find the one that I believe would most represent Sky's love of wolves and Sky's spirit. Once I do know which one, then I will post that here, of course ...

Please find to your right a video with the cover of Sky's song from his Atlantic Rising album, The World is Spinning Around. Many of you may have never heard Sky's original version of this. But here you can hear Lostdog in Loveland's cover of it for this tribute album. Robert Mag of Lostdog in Loveland made this beautiful video to go with the song. Their cover features Mike Garson, David Bowie's pianist. Enjoy!

Also, just below please find Merrell Fankhauser's video of the song he wrote for this tribute album called Two Guys From the Sixties ... such a cute heartfelt song with great photos of Sky and Merrell. Merrell is joined by Ed Cassidy from Spirit on the drums and Eric Britain on fiddle. Enjoy !

Next please find Sleepyard's cover of Chocolate River. Sleepyard is a project of Oliver Kerspergen of Norway with Nik Turner on Saxophone, Richard Formby on Bass and Drums, Knut Jonas Sellevold on Mellotron and Gaute Storsve on Guitar. Enjoy!

Please note that neither I nor our producer are taking any money from this project. This is a labor of love for both of us and I feel so blessed that Sky and I found Karl and that he is so dedicated to Sky's name, music, and legacy as I am. We do have to pay massive licensing fees to the record label that currently owns The Seeds early songs and we will have to pay the ac tual cost of manufacturing and producing this album. Once these necessities are paid, ALL monies will go into the fund to pay for the resting places mentioned above and if we are so blessed to continue selling albums we will donate to a wolf and/or dog sanctuary in Sky's name. We will update on this site and via facebook the progress of this album and the sales and where the monies are going and how they are being used ....

The following artists and bands (in alphabetical order) have confirmed they will contribute a cover of a Sky Sunlight Saxon song for the upcoming Tribute Album produced by Global Recording Artists:

Adolescents   Evil HooDoo   The Seeds
All Right Family Band   Starry Ride   All Right Family Band Album
Argus   Push the Button, White or Red   Unreleased
Arthur Brown   Tell Me The Time   Back To The Garden
Asteroid 4   Love In A Summer Basket    
Astronauta Pinguim   SSS Protest Song   Tyrants In The House
Bangles   Pushin' Too Hard   The Seeds
Bill Mumy
(Lost in Space fame and singer/songwriter in his own right)
  No Escape   The Seeds
Bob "Derwood" Andrews (Generation X)   The Village    
Chocolate Watchband w/Daryl Hooper on keyboards!!!   Can't Seem To Make You Mine   The Seeds
Chris Peck and The Crymuscles   Alakazam   Transparency
Church of My Love   Excuse Excuse   The Seeds
Citramons (Russian Pop Punk Band)   There's Only One Girl   Little Richie Marsh
Clinic   Girl I Want You    
Craig Caffall (Maria Muldaur Band)   Faded Picture   Web of Sound
Crymuscles   Alakazam    
Dagha Bloom   Fallin'    
Dana Smith w/Buddy Miles & Sky Saxon   Our Mother   Unreleased
Danny B. Harvey + Clem Burke (Blondie)        
Danny Fast Fingers & Debra Parr   Just A Dance   Back To The Garden
Dez Cadena (Black Flag)    Can't Seem To Make You Mine    
Djin Aquarian (YaHoWha13)   Invisible   King Arthur's Court
Doleful Lions   Superman 5    
Dolly Rocker Movement   You Gotta Ride   Transparency
Duncan Faure - (Rabbitt, Bay City Rollers)   Baby Baby Be Patient   Firewall
Earthling Society   Lost in a Daze   Atlantic Rising
Electric Prunes   Pushin' Too Hard   The Seeds
  Gypsy Plays His Drums    
Fuxa   Up In Her Room   Web of Sound
Fuzztones   Bad Part of Town   MGM Records
Gary Stern (Dragonslayers, The Seeds)   Just Imagine   Dragonslayers
George Jones (no ... not THAT George Jones)   Night Time Girl    
Giddle Partridge   March of the Flower Children   Future
Glass   Satisfy You    
Gods of Gamble   The Big Screen   Unreleased
Gravedigger V w/Leighton Koizumi (The Morlocks)   Out of the Question   Future
Hugo Race and the True Spirit
(originally in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)
Iggy Pop   Pushin' Too Hard   The Seeds
Jad Fair   Just Let Go    
Jimmy Valentine   It's a Hard Life   The Seeds
John Robb        
John York (The Byrds)   Faded Picture   Web of Sound
Kenneth Highland        
Kenny Roland Detroit (Flights)   Seven Mystic Horsemen   Transparency
Kevin Cadogan (Third Eye Blind)   Miner   Back to the Garden
Kid Congo Powers (Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds)   Lose Your Mind   Raw & Alive /
Rare Seeds
King Arthur's Court (one of Sky's bands) w/Justino Polimeni, Aaron Basler, Steve Scones Kozyk, Lovely Previn (formerly of THE SOURCE FAMILY, Andre Previn's daughter), Michael Fortune (Weakley) (IBIS of THE SOURCE FAMILY and founding member of The Electric Prunes and a dear old friend of Sunlight's)   Forest Outside Your Door   King Arthur's Court
KK Ryder & the Ezy Ryders   Cracking Ice   Red Planet
Kwisp   Gypsy Plays His Drums   Raw and Alive
La Fleur Fatale   Travel With Your Mind   Future
Lostdog in Loveland (featuring David Bowie's pianist, Mike Garson)   The World Is Spinning Around Us   Atlantic Rising
Marc Hurtado (Etant Donnés/ Sol Ixent)   We The People   Back to the Garden
Mark Dawson (The Grassroots)   Put Something Sweet Between Your Lips   Firewall
Michael Lee Smith (Starz)   Half Angel   Bad Part of Town
Mike Randle (Baby Lemonade, Love)   Falling Off The Edge of My Mind   Single
Mike Watt + The Secondmen   Wild Blood   Single
Modular   One Hundred and One Colorized Bottles   Red Planet
Monster Magnet        
Mudhoney   Did He Die    
Nels Cline (Wilco)   900 Million People Making Love    
Nick Capaldi   Wishing Well   Back to the Garden
Nik Turner (Hawkwind)        
Noname   I'm In Love With Life   Unreleased
Normal Bean   Hear the Mountains Crash   Firewall
Patrick Campbell-Lyons (Nirvana - UK)   Flower Lady & Her Assistant   Future
Peck and the Town Criers   The Cynical Watcher Mister Peep    
Peter Daltrey (Kaleidoscope)   Wild Roses   Dragonslayers
Quicksilver Messenger Service        
Redondo Beat   Do The Swim   Little Richie Marsh
Riot Gang   You Got the Magic   Unreleased

Robbie Rist (Brady Bunch Cousin Oliver)
all vocals and instruments on She's Wrong

Recreation of Mothers-In-Law Intro by
The All Day Suckers:
Robbie Rist (Brady Bunch Cousin Oliver)
Susan Olsen (Brady Bunch Cindy Brady)
Vicki Peterson (The Bangles)
Pat Fear (White Flag)
Janet Housden (Redd Kross/The Lovedolls)
Don Smith (Teenage Gang Debs)
Julie Cafritz (Pussy Galore)

  She's Wrong w/Recreation of Mothers-In-Law Intro   Raw and Alive
Rockin Lee & The Wolfmen (w/Mark Goodale)   Daisy Mae   The Seeds
Sator   Try to Understand   The Seeds
Savage Republic        
Sean Mullady   Wish Me Up    
Shapes Have Fangs
(World Spirits - Sky's last band)
  Trouble With My Baby   Little Richie Marsh
Sheila Bowie        
Silver Phial   Coming Home   Red Planet
Simon Stokes Band   Moth In The Flame   Spoonful of Seedy Blues
Sleepyard   Chocolate River    
Sofizel   Paradise    
Spacelord w/Justino Polimeni        
St. Deluxe        
St. John's Wood Affair   Where Is The Entrance Way To Play   Future
Sterling 'Rosco' Roswell   Tripmaker   Web of Sound
Strawberry Alarm Clock   Mr. Farmer   Web of Sound
Sweet Jam   Summer of Love   Back to the Garden
Tesco Vee and the Vengeful Vegans   Rollin' Machine   Web of Sound
THE ALL IS FLOWING BAND   Six Dreams   Future
The BellRays w/Wayne Kramer   You Took Me By Surprise    
The Black Angels        
The Bramblemen   The Gardner    
The Cheeks   House of Mine   Firewall
The Damned   Satisfy You   Future
The Living Suns   Fallin'   Future
The Magnificent Brotherhood   You Can't Be Trusted    
The Resignators   Starvin' For Your Love and Affection    
The Riot Gang
Punk-rock band from St.Petersburg (Russia)
Tomass - guitar/voice ::: Prickly bass/voice ::: Python - guitar/voice ::: Kirill - drums
  You Got the Magic    
The Seedlings (The Seeds final line-up minus Sky)
Don Bolles (The Germs/Fancy Space People) on Bass
Gary Stern (The Seeds/SSS Dragonslayers) on Drums
Tommy "Atomic" Azevedo (Rat Attack/The Seeds/SSS Dragonslayers) on Guitar
Geoff Brandin on Keyboards
  Wind Blows Her Hair
(recorded by John Dust at UNISEX Studios)
The Scientists   The Other Place    
The Tubes   Pictures and Designs   Web of Sound
Todd Dillingham and the Wah Wah Rabbits   You Took Me By Surprise   Bad Part of Town
To Get Her Together (w/Alexa Marmon)   A Thousand Shadows   Future
Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead) and Jimmy Valentine   Who's In The Zoo   unreleased (The Seeds 2nd album)
Tommy Train   Halt!   Back To The Garden
Trannon Lee Goble (Skavanger)   Two Fingers Pointing at You   Future
Versus You   Go Ahead and Cry   Richie Marsh
Vibravoid   Just Let Go    
White Flag   No Escape   The Seeds
Woolly Bandits   Mumble and Bumble   (a single)
XRay Harpoons   Nobody Spoil My Fun   The Seeds
Yesterday's Thoughts   As Much As I Love You    

We are still waiting on confirmation from other artists and bands and will update soon.
If you would like to submit a cover song please contact us a.s.a.p. so we can talk.
You can reach me at and you can reach Karl at


Boo Frog   Sky Is High
Dante White Aliano   Marcus Tybalt
Dr. B.L.T.   Sky (We Salute You)
Ice Cream Phoenix ::: recorded in 1999 @workbook studios/columbus
Kyle Hohn- vocals, guitar
Kevin Dippold- lead guitar
Dave Fortner- bass
Aaron Basler- drums
Tim Sutherland- keys 
  Planting Seeds At The End Of Time
Isis Aquarian
w/Father Yod and the Source Family chanting
  Spoken Word + chanting
Kim Fowley   Ballad of Sky Saxon
Merrill Fankhauser and Ed Cassidy   Two Guys from the 60's
St. John's Wood Affair   Sky Forever
Village Green Machine   Sky Saxon

This tribute album also will include bonus tracks of some of the latest Sky Sunlight Saxon music that is yet unreleased.
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