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One of the main women in Sky's life,
Wings Aquarian
has up for sale a leather jacket Sky gave her. Learn more about Wings
and the leather jacket HERE!

Sabrina Saxon

Licensing of Music
Sir Karl Anderson

Sir Karl Anderson

Your donations help me continue the work of
building the Estate
and fulfilling my dedication
to making sure the name, legacy, and music of
Sky Sunlight Saxon
never fades away!

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Film, TV, Commercial Licensing
Axe Bullet Cologne - 2008
Her Minor Thing - 2005
Secretary - 2002
Almost Famous - 2000
Cop Land - 1997
Bodies Rest and Motion -
Used People - 1992
Air America - 1990
Girl To Kill For - 1990
Doin Time on Planet Earth - 1988
Easy Rider 1969
PsychOut - 1968
(also appeared in)

Alien Nation
All My Children
America's Funniest Videos
Beverly Hills 90120
Conan O'Brien
Independent Lens
Riding the Bullet
The Wharf Rat
The Mothers-In-Law (1966)

Corto Invastion - Chile
Dark Skies - France
Inside Out - United Kingdom
La Vedova Americana - Italy
Life 101 - Greece
Training Day - Portugal




June 25, 2012
3rd anniversary of Sky's passing

Click HERE to go to TRIBUTE ALBUM page

TRIBUTE ALBUM line-up is amazing!
Iggy Pop, The Bangles, Chocolate Watchband, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Electric Prunes ...

just a FEW of the many artists who have contributed a cover of a Sky song. This album is a retrospective of Sky's entire career from Little Richie Marsh through the last albums produced and many unreleased songs too! You will NOT be disappointed in this amazing tribute to one
of the most prolific songwriters of all time!

CLICK HERE to see the amazing lineup!!!!

You can also hear a few of the covers with their accompanying videos !!!!

! ! ! ANNOUNCING ! ! !
The life story of Sky Sunlight Saxon is being written!
Tune in here for updates on this latest project as part of my dedication to making sure the name, legacy, and music of Sky Sunlight Saxon never fades away!
And, I will be contacting many of you for your memories of your time with Sky! YES! You, too!!!
~~~ Sabrina Saxon ~~~

Sky's music will continue to be released per his wishes. A while ago Karl Anderson of Global Recording Artists found us and he was an answer to a prayer Sky and I had sent up a couple of months before. Over the last few months before Sky's passing, Karl had become a close personal friend of ours and Sky renamed him, Sir Karl Aquarian. Sky entrusted much of his music to Karl and the plan was to put out all of his music that he has done since the Crescendo days. Karl and I are both committed to making sure the name, legacy, and music of Sky Sunlight Saxon never fades away.

The music on the Back To The Garden album was licensed from Airplay Records, a record label Sky and his collaborator on Back To The Garden Mike Oak formed together many years ago. This album came out a couple of months before Sky fell ill and it is still for sale.
A recent release is Tyrants in the House, the result of a collaboration betwen Sky and Kenny Detroit in Mt. Shasta, California. This album had a limited release about a year ago but now it is a full release and also for sale. All of these albums are for sale via Global Recording Artists and if you click on the album cover, you will be taken to our sales site there.
Atlantic Rising was released for a short time in August of 2007 but is being released as a 2 CD set. Atlantic Rising was recorded in Greece in 2005 and the band Sky named Atlantic Rising is amazing.
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